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With his experience acquired since 1982 in the most demanding industrial sectors, MACH’TEL is the specialist in assembly machines, whether semi-automatic or automatic. We operate in fields as varied as Cosmetics, Automobile, Plastics, Pharmacy, Armaments, etc…

Our motto? Know-how before proposing.

Our technical-sales and pre-project teams ensure the feasibility and viability of your needs before submitting any proposal to you. Then, our mechanical design, automation and robotics teams and then our assembly and development teams bring your project to life.

We are committed to providing you with equipment that fully meets the commitments made together. As a guarantee of success, we follow a proven business monitoring process that has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification. Technically, we offer 3 large families of machines for assembling your components, and a multitude of trades to meet the most complex needs.

The 3 main families of machines:


For the most conventional needs, we offer an island in the form of a circular plate with intermittent movement. The diameter and the pitch of this plate make it possible to integrate the number of functions necessary according to the size of the articles to be treated and the desired rate.

For more flexible needs, particularly in terms of combinations of formats and/or functions to be performed, we offer a modular assembly built around a magnetic conveyor. (e.g. Acopostrack from B&R)


For ever more flexible needs, because potentially evolving in the short term, we offer a modular set built around a solution of shuttles conveyed by magnetic field. (ex: Acopos 6D from B&R)

Finally, if these “standard” transfer solutions do not meet your needs, we are able to offer you a “special machine” variant. With this range of technical solutions, we intend to meet the needs of the Factory of the future by offering you flexible, agile, even scalable and innovative solutions if necessary.


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